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5 Great Films From 2015

As we move into 2016 tomorrow, this list seems like an inevitability. However, the films which appear on this 5 Great Films From 2015 article were selected by some of the UK Film Review contributors, and are not so inevitable. Many movies impressed us this year, which do not appear, these are just the ones we really, really, liked.

(Below you will also find our “It-Was-Shit-And-We-Knew-It” selection for 2015!!!)

Tom Hanks stars in this sumptuous period piece, set during the Cold War, as an insurance salesman given the thankless task of defending a suspected Soviet spy (played by the hugely impressive Mark Rylance).

Bridge of Spies, directed by Steven Spielberg, not only competed with the huge clang of blockbuster releases this year, it trumped many of them, and was critically adored. Check out our own 5 star film review here.

Matt Damon playing with his poo, what else do you need? Well, throw in Ridley Scott back on form as director, Jessica Chastain as a supporting player, and one of the year’s funniest scripts. The Martian delighted audiences across the UK for many weeks, maintaining a steady position in the box office. And rightfully so.

Want to read the full film review? Check out our verdict here.


Another period piece, this time starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, about a shop worker who becomes infatuated with an older, married woman.

The meaty themes are balanced with a tender tone and stunning performances, with Blanchett turning in a phenomenal performance. Take a look at this little clip from the movie.

How could Pixar not be on a best films list, with this utterly genius animated movie that taught us all it’s okay to cry - in fact, we should embrace our Sadness.

Told through the headspace of an average girl going through changes, Inside Out is the existential adventure caper that only Pixar could deliver. You can read our full film review of Inside Out here.

Merchandising aside, the continuation of one of the most beloved franchises of all time has been nothing but a good thing. The cultural excitement in the air was palpable (and still is), with daily conversations quickly turning to: “Are you excited about Star Wars?” within minutes of seeing anyone. The result did not disappoint, with J. J. Abrams delivering a record-breaking movie that has charmed Star Wars fans, new and old.

IT WAS SHIT AND WE KNEW IT...drumroll please…

Though there have been many stinkers this year, and a few surprise disappointments (Macbeth, Avengers 2: Age of Ultron), there can be only one winner for our It-Was-Shit-And-We-Knew-It award, and for 2015...arise...Mr Adam Sandler.

Arguably the worst film of the year, Pixels was a let down but few of us actually got our hopes up. Sandler has not delivered a genuinely funny film in years, and the premise of Pixels - with Kevin James as President of the United States fighting a war with arcade games - did nothing to convince us this would be anything different.

Aside from a few great action sequences, the movie is beleaguered with lazy storytelling and flawed characters. You can take a look at our 2 star film review here.


So what are we excited about for the New Year? Well, we can show you! Head over to our Trailers section and look at all the glorious movie trailers on offer for the coming year.



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