About UK Film Review

Founded in 2012 by Chris Olson, UK Film Review found its niche amongst the indie filmmaking community by providing reviews of independent cinema, as well as promoting crowdfunding and kickstarters for movie projects.


In 2015, Olson took on several new UK film critics in order to expand the scope and reach of the film website, covering theatrical releases, DVD & Blu-ray films, short films, animation and documentaries. The site also conducts interviews with filmmakers, providing an even greater insight into the movie industry from the perspective of those making movies. The team of film critics then grew to over 20 contributors mostly in the UK, as well as the U.S. and Europe.

UK Film Review Podcast

In 2016, UK Film Review launched the UK Film Review Podcast. Guest movie critic Andy Furlong was the main producer of episodes, along with Chris Olson and Alfie Shaw providing numerous episodes along the way. The Podcast achieved a position in the top 10 of the iTunes Film & TV category. 

UK Film Festivals

In 2017, UK Film Review began partnering with several notable UK film festivals, becoming their official Media Partner. These included the London Independent Film Festival (LIFF), High Peak Indie, and Grimmfest. By 2019, UK Film Review had become the official Media Sponsor for over 10 film festivals in the UK and internationally.

UK Film Review Awards

In 2018, UK Film Review launched its very first UK Film Review Awards. The categories included:

Best Film
Best Short Film
Best Indie Film
Best Documentary
Best World Cinema
Best Animated Film
Best Superhero Film
Best LGBTQ Film
Best Director
Best Performance

The winners of the first UK Film Review Awards included Avengers: Infinity War, Roma, indie film Pledge, short film Cotton Wool, female director Stella Velon, and actor Friederike Hammer.

UK Film Channel


Originally a section of the website where films were embedded to watch online, UK Film Review launched in 2019 a dedicated sister site for UK Film Channel. This VOD platform for short films and indie features combined the love for independent cinema that makes UK Film Review so popular amongst the filmmaking community plus the desire amongst the readership to have a dedicated place to see some of these rare gems.

Meet the UK Film Review Team