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Here at UK Film Review, it's not just amazing Film Reviews and Movie Trailers that we provide our loving readership of cinephiles. No. We also want to help #supportindiefilm by promoting new Filmmakers and providing extra levels of exposure and film promotion. 


Many forms of marketing a film in the UK are available to those in the industry and there are endless websites offering crowdfunding support and tips for funding (we think there is also a member of some royal family who wants to put his fortune in your bank account?!).


UK Film Review would never promise something we could not deliver to Filmmakers, who submit their films in good faith looking for an honest and critical review of their work from passionate and film-loving critics. The packages below are just some of the ways that Filmmakers have asked us in the past to help them get an extra level of reach, in particular to an audience of film fans. We have kept the investment cheaper than a pair of tickets to a film at the cinema, because we know Filmmakers, whilst being brilliantly creative and fabulously talented, are almost always skint. 


If you would like to any of our film promotion packages please follow the relevant links below.

Custom Film Promotion

Director Interview


Actor Interview


Crew Interview


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Short Film Trailer


Indie Film Trailer


Your Film "Featured" on UK Film Channel - 1 Month


Your Film on UK Film Channel


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