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Film Podcast


Welcome to the UK Film Review Podcast. Presented by a team of film critics and movie lovers, we discuss some of the best and worst movies currently available in the UK. 


We also provide listeners of the UK Film Review Podcast with recommendations of films to look out for. Search for "UK Film Review Podcast" on Spotify, or click the Spotify logo below.

Not only do we have a phenomenal film podcast, but some of our Film Reviews are also available on YouTube so make sure you Subscribe to our channel there - we also put up the latest film trailers and clips so there is no end to the fun you can have! And even if you think our videos are rubbish, there will probably be an "epic fails" video only a couple of clicks away.

Film podcasts like ours need love and support, so if you enjoy an episode, please share and tag us. It really does mean a lot to our presenters. If you didn't enjoy the film podcast, feel free to tell us via morse code by banging on your head - that way we will definitely hear it.


NEW: UK Film Club

As part of the UK Film Review Podcast, a new show has been launched in February 2023 - UK Film Club.

Hosts Chris Olson and Brian Penn invite you to join them in a deep-dive into all genres of film!

We cover:

- Cinema Releases

- A Streaming Pick (e.g. Netflix, Prime Video)

- Indie/Short Films (Submit Yours Here)

- Nostalgia Pick (a film we love/should have seen)

UK Film Club is a film podcast available on all top podcast platforms, so please subscribe wherever you like to listen and feel free to send us your recommendations for films we should have seen.

Why not check out episode 1 of UK Film Club on Spotify?

Image by Sebastian Banasiewcz

Listen now to our Film Podcast 

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