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UK Film Channel

Watch free movies UK

Fed up of reading our amazing film reviews? Were our wordsmith skills too much to handle? No worries, on the UK Film Review Film Channel you can watch short films for free, view indie films online, or watch some of the best movie trailers around! 


The UK Film Channel now has its own home! Visit the beautiful new site here:


Don't forget to check out the film reviews which accompany the films, and share with your friends, who may also want to watch short films or spend their afternoons watching indie films online. This is a place of relaxation, great films and reviews, and a touch of cheeky comedy.


WARNING: Many of the films found here may not be suitable for all ages and/or those with a sensitive disposition. Viewing the movies is done at your own will and UK Film Review take no responsibility for any offence or discomfort experienced. The films are not certificated and we are unable to offer guidance on this.

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