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Arguably one of the most exciting aspects of the movie industry are the film festivals which appear all over the world, promoting the best and newest movies from tenured filmmakers as well as up-and-coming filmmaking talent. Indeed, the sheer amount of film festivals which can now be attended in the UK, and internationally, is staggering - meaning blocking out the calendar will leave your annual leave completely decimated! However, what you lose in holiday entitlement, you gain in choice, because there is pretty much a movie festival for every genre out there!

Here at UK Film Review we like to scour the globe (by which we mean social media) for the most diverse and eclectic mix of film festivals happening around the world, and promote them here. Much like our Film Reviews and Movie Trailers, we do not discriminate on any kind of budget or scale. The events you see here are simply ones we think our beloved readers will find most interesting, and hope to bring them to your attention.


If you would like UK Film Review to become an official Media Partner for your film festival, use the form at the bottom of the page to drop us a message. Spaces are limited.

UK Film Review Festival

Established in 2020, the UK Film Review Festival is our very own online film festival set up to support indie filmmakers across the globe. The festival takes place in November on the UK Film Channel, showcasing a range of short and indie films using their VOD platform. Our virtual film festival also includes a special reward for every filmmaker who submits their film, with at least a review or an interview with your director. Official selections also receive online distribution deals.

British Urban Film Festival

The British Urban Film Festival was founded in July 2005 to showcase urban independent cinema in the absence of any such state-sponsored activity in the UK (at the time).

To date, the festival has screened over 500 films, securing broadcast platforms for a majority of Black and urban independent writers, actors, actresses, producers and directors on the BBC i-player, Channel 4, Community Channel (now Together TV), Showcase TV and London Live. 

Beeston Film Festival

The festival takes place over five days across four venues and screen over 120 films from 35 countries, creating a truly international cinematic experience. The Beeston Oscar, or B’Oscar, is presented to the best film in the following categories - Drama, Horror, Comedy, Documentary, Animation, and our local filmmaker section called for Three Counties.

Cheap Cuts Documentary Film Festival

Cheap Cuts Documentary Film Festival is the only UK festival dedicated exclusively to short documentary. Cheap Cuts showcases the best of British and international short documentary talent. We strongly believe in content over form and are interested in the stories you have to tell and not the equipment or budget used to do so. 

Grimmfest Film Festival

Grimmfest is one of the UK's leading festivals of horror, sci-fi, fantasy & cult cinema, with their landmark 10th edition taking place from the 4th - 7th October 2018 in Manchester. This truly independent genre film festival is dedicated to sharing the best new short and feature films from both emerging and established filmmakers, hosting a wealth of World, European, UK and Northern premieres across the 4-day event.

Barnes Film Festival

Barnes Film Festival, founded in 2016 by Sam Cullis, is now preparing for its fourth film festival, which takes place in Barnes in September 2019. The festival showcases filmmaking talent from across the UK together with award-winning films from around the world. 

Fringe! Queer Film Fest

Founded in 2011 as a community-led response to cuts to arts funding and the detrimental impact on LGBTQIA+ art and cultural production, the festival is committed to celebrating the best in queer filmmaking, from the DIY to the high budget. Fringe! remains entirely volunteer run and not-for-profit. The festival takes place in venues across East London every year in November.

Scene It Awards

Showcase your best scene at the Scene It Awards, a film event that celebrates the craft of creating iconic scenes. Whether your scene is from a short, a feature, or an unproduced screenplay, pick your best scene for a chance to prove you’ve got what it takes to keep the audience hooked!

London Independent Film Festival

The London Independent Film Festival is a wonderful event for first and second-time filmmakers, micro-budget and no-budget films in the UK. LIFF offers a fantastic opportunity for indie filmmakers to showcase their achievements, with spaces reserved for first and second-time filmmakers and for films that have been overlooked by other events.

High Peak Indie Film Festival

High Peak Independent Film Festival is a film festival showcasing the best of independent film talent from across the world. Taking place in the High Peak, the festival hosts an array of events and films in an old theatre, New Mills Art Theatre.

The festival takes place from the 14th to 17th June 2018 at New Mills Art Theatre, New Mills.

Little Wing Film Festival

Exclusively screening films from students, recent graduates, and first-time filmmakers, the first Little Wing Film Festival was held in 2017 and the organisers were able to provide some fantastic prizes as a way to do their part in rewarding new artists for their work in more ways than "exposure".


Little Wing Film Festival believe talent shouldn't be disadvantaged because it's new, and that your career choice shouldn't be between pursuing what you love and paying your bills.

Film Festivals

Articles & Reviews

Our team of dedicated film critics also attend many of these film festivals, writing up reviews of the events themselves, as well as the films which make up the programmes. You can follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to stay up to date with these kind of goings on.

If you are an organiser of a film festival and would like one of our team to attend, please send a luxury gift basket to...just kidding. Please use the contact form to get in touch and let us know what kind of coverage you would like. Similarly, if you want to promote your event here, feel free to drop us a line for consideration. We have several ways in which we can help and want to work with festival planners to help make their events a splash.

Online Film Festivals

In 2017, Chelmsford Film Festival launched the first ever film festival in Chelmsford which was a huge success.  I can say without hesitation that a large part of our success was due to the support of UK FILM REVIEW. 


In the build up to the 4-day festival, UK Film Review marketed the event to their audience and also directly engaged with filmmakers to discuss the benefits of submitting to our new festival. 


Throughout this process, we were in constant contact with Chris Olson to adapt our marketing strategy and react to the changing responses. 


Now as we prepare for our second year, we look forward to working with UK Film Review and cementing the fantastic relationship that has come out of CFF.


Carl Mackenzie

Co-Founder and CEO of Chelmsford Film Festival