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Music Video Reviews

One of the most exciting sub-genres our critics review is music videos. They are often incredible pieces of storytelling, either in their own right or aligned with the song playing over them. On this page you will find a great selection of music video reviews from the team of critics at UK Film Review.

If you are a filmmaker or artist who would like us to review your music video, submit your film here.

When it comes to reviewing a music video, the process differs slightly from perhaps a narrative short film or documentary. The music has to be explored far more intimately than if it were a soundtrack because that's where the story originates from rather than being added further down the line. Music videos do conform to genres but these are often musical genres rather than film categories, for example pop, folk, rock, rap etc. So this will also influence the music video review our critics write because the target audience is going to be considered. 

Music videos may take a variety of forms or even combine different aspects to create a different effect on the viewer. For example, it is common for a music video to contain a small narrative, as well as live performance footage. Top filmmakers making music videos will be able to immerse you into the song and story without leaving you feeling like you have just watched a promo piece. 

Choreography is also a common trait in music videos, with dance sequences and flash mobs recurring - often in pop music videos. Editors of music videos will have their work cut out to ensure the choreography looks tight and engaging without it feeling staged or lifeless.

Hopefully the array of music video reviews you see below will include some gems for you to peruse. Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the article, as we often include the actual music video so you can watch it for yourself.

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