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Ain’t my Vibe Short Music Video Review


Directed by: #VikiYoung

Starring: #MichelleDowd


Ain’t My Vibe is a music video starring Michelle Dowd as lead singer. The video begins with a ‘f**k you’ to all the men that have never loved her back, a strong message to start with and sets the audience up for the overall tone of the video and song. The meaning of the song speaks to a lot of single women and men and the difficulties of journeying through the dating world. With access to lots of dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge, many people use today, this song becomes extremely relatable as we jump on an endless cycle of dates that seem to go nowhere. Many single people everywhere have been a very similar position as we attempt to build a relationship and date others but sadly, they sometimes become cut short as we quickly learn they may not be ‘our vibe’ or values just are not able to align.

The song itself is catchy, relatable and can speak to the masses, especially avid daters. The video was down to earth, in that it showed Michelle Dowd in her own home, texting and reaching out to her potential date but is left unread. There is a big juxtaposition in terms of the aesthetic of the video as at first the audience see Michelle in her own home in dark clothing, singing and some cut shots to her in a bathtub fully clothed but in black and white which did create a mysterious feel and made for some emotional scenes. However, the scenes also included very bright locations and Michelle in a colourful outfit which took away from the overall theme of the song, it made the video look a bit disjointed and clunky as the moving back and forth between these scenes did not match up and created an almost amateurish feel.

With a music video like this, I believe it’s important to have consistency throughout to keep the message clear and focus on the lyrics. Of course, diverse scenes are apparent, however, they do need to maintain a similar feel to avoid losing that powerful message. This was a good song that can be a voice for many, the video that accompanies it can be improved with some tweaks here and there so that lead singer Michelle Dowd and her words are seen as the main focal point allowing the audience to absorb but also feel the lyrics and have that connection with her, and as a character we can all relate to.


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