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UK Film Review Shop

Browse the UK Film Review Shop - perfect for filmmakers looking to promote their films, or film fans wanting to get more from the UK's biggest publication supporting indie film.

Here you will find products such as Queue Jumps. These are for filmmakers wanting their film reviewed by one of our critics but don't want to wait. Perhaps you need to skip the queue because you have a big event coming up and a review will help you promote it, or you want the review for your press release. A Queue Jump will help you plan better for your film's marketing. It is important to note that you are not paying for a review - only to skip the queue. The reviews are always free and unbiased. So only submit your film (with a Queue Jump or not) if you are ready for a genuine review of your movie.

Other products in the UK Film Review Shop include Trailer Promotion. Again, perfect for filmmakers, these can help you get more eyes on your film's trailer. We can add it to our homepage, or specific inner pages, or give the trailer it's own page - forever. Click the relevant product below to find out more.

Issues UK Film Review Magazine can also be purchased here. Please note: you are purchasing digital copies - not hard copies. The UK Film Review Magazine was never put into print (well, not by us anyway) so please only purchase a copy if you are able to read it on your device(s).

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