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Podcast & Written Review

Podcast & Written Review


Do you want us to review your film on our world-famous film podcast? As well as our incredibly popular film reviews website? Well, look no further! 


One of our film critics will review your film and publish the written review on our website within 14 days of purchase (as long as we receive a working viewing link - see below). 


Our 2 film critics of the UK Film Club Podcast will then also review your film on the next available episode. The episode will go out on major podcast platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts. 


Please note: any issues accessing your screener/private link may result in us needing to extend the deadline. To avoid this, please check your links are accessible to UK viewers and that no Premium subscriptions are needed to view them. Our critics will not sign up to any premium services in order to watch your film so please see below for best practices.


For best practice, these are the most commonly accepted viewing methods:

- Password Protected Vimeo Link

- Unlisted YouTube Link

- Google Drive Link

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