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Animated Film Reviews

Animation is quickly becoming one of the most influential genres when it comes to storytelling in films. Visionary studios such as Disney, Pixar, Aardman, Studio Ghibli and Dreamworks are constantly raising the bar when it comes to delivering some amazing animated films. Which is why we want to review them!

This is the UK Film Review page for animated film reviews


Not only do we critique the big players of animation we also like to support indie filmmakers who produce animated feature and short films. You will find them all reviewed here by our team of critics who love all genres of movies. You will also find interviews with filmmakers involved in the animated film genre.

Every aspect of an animated movie is reviewed, not just how good the animation is. This means we look at the story, characters, dialogue, voice performers and more, and tell you (our beloved readers) about the best and worst of them. 

If you have an animated film and would like us to review it, please use the Submit Your Film option under the #supportindiefilm drop down in the navigation.


Just as with all the film reviews on our website, please share. These animated films often struggle to reach an audiences and we hope our words about them will encourage viewers to seek them out, so we need your help!

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