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LGBT Film Reviews

One of the most influential and exciting genres in films, our LGBT film reviews cover a massive array of cinematic releases, independent cinema, and short films. 


Having become a hotspot for new filmmakers, UK Film Review is proud to have promoted some of the best LGBT films in the UK and internationally. We also work regularly to promote BFI Flare, the biggest LGBT film festival in Europe. In fact, on this page you will see reviews of LGBT films as well as features and special articles that we have written about BFI Flare. 


The reason why we have chosen to highlight LGBT as a specific genre on our website is to promote the ideas of inclusion. As an entertainment website, we invite all types of filmmakers to submit their films for us to review and promote (good or bad) and want storytellers from all walks of life to do the same. You can use the Submit Your Film page to send us the details of your film and there are various options available in terms of when you need the review done by (perfect for festival submissions etc). 


If you are an LGBT organisation and would like to be a partner with UK Film Review, drop us a message on our Facebook page. We are always looking to promote our filmmakers across as many relevant platforms as we can and can offer exposure for your organisation in return. 


All that's left to say is enjoy these LGBT film reviews, remember to share the love wherever you can. 

LGBT film reviews
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