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Dino at the Beach Short Film Review


Directed by: #JoshCox


Set in 1960’s New England, Dino at the Beach is a gay short film that focuses on two young men spending the last of the summer days alone at an isolated beach. The two men have never met each other before, but a short encounter between them leads to an erotic and sensual afternoon. The short uses motion picture film as opposed to digital which adds a light, soft filter to the piece, it can be seen as almost nostalgic for some audience members as if reliving a memory. The picturesque location, with the sun beating down on the beach and the gentle breeze flowing through the air, combined with the encounter between the men, unlocks a moment and fills us with that excitement we often feel when meeting a new person for the first time.

Dino is alone at the beach sunbathing and a young man approaches him and attempts to engage in conversation. He leaves his things and hurtles towards the freezing ocean, as he returns the pair engage in minimal conversation before the man proposes they share an afternoon of passion together, although this proposal is a lot blunter in the film! Dino is a character who clearly shies away from these kinds of experiences. His nervous disposition is apparent, and it takes him a while to really relax and let his body and mind enjoy this moment. The acting within this short was natural and certainly captured the lust and passion between the two characters, as well as the frightened and innocent qualities of Dino slowly melting away as he relaxes into Sebastian’s arms. It was Sebastian that released the passion within Dino and a sexual awakening began to play out on screen. It wasn’t until this encounter was over did the two really introduce themselves! They parted ways but hoped that they could relive this moment again soon.

It was difficult to determine the year of this short film, although it is said to be 1960’s New England, it could be adapted to fit any era with just a change of costume. To me, it looked late 70’s, but that is just one interpretation. This is not a negative, as it is a film that does not necessarily need a fixed time and date. This was a moving short film that was titillating, and a beautiful moment shared between two men. Dino at the Beach focuses on the spark and energy of two people and recreates this excitement seamlessly.


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