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Indie Film Reviews

Here you will find our Indie film reviews, from some of the newest and most exciting filmmakers working in the industry. UK Film Review is an ardent promoter of #supportindiefilm and welcomes entries for any kind of movie, regardless of the budget.


Our talented team of scribes love to tackle indie films and review them with gusto - judging them on story, script, cinematography, performances and all the stuff that actually makes a good movie - not just CGI crash bang walloping.

Enjoy our Indie film reviews by clicking one of the images, and please share on Twitter using the hashtag - #UKFilmReview. Join our community on Facebook too! Where Indie filmmakers are promoted to our friendly followers.

Whilst we pride ourselves on writing some sublime film reviews, we also promote the latest Movie Trailers. This includes the latest theatrical releases, as well as Indie Film Trailers and Short Film Trailers


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