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To get in touch about getting your film reviewed - Click Here.

To apply to be a writer for UK Film Review - Click Here.

For all other general enquiries, please use the contact form below.

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  • How do I get my film reviewed by UK Film Review?
    Anyone can request their film to be reviewed by UK Film Review by visiting our Submit Your Film page. When submitting your film, you will need to provide various details about you and the film itself. Links to the film must be accessible without payment (e.g. Video-on-Demand) or subscription (e.g. Amazon Prime).
  • How do I request an interview with UK Film Review?
    Filmmakers wishing to be interviewed by UK Film Review will need to purchase an interview in our shop, or visit our Interviews page and fill out the form at the bottom - where they can also make payment.
  • How do I write for UK Film Review?
    To find out more about becoming a writer for UK Film Review, visit our Become a Film Critic page. There you will find details on how to apply. Please note: you must follow the instructions clearly - any applications which do not will not be read.
  • How do I advertise on UK Film Review?
    If you are interested in a partnership/advertisement with UK Film Review, fill out the form above with details on your idea. We are always happy to work with film-related companies and/or festivals. We do have limited capacity, however, as we are already partnered with many wonderful festivals around the world.
  • Can I post a guest blog or insert a link?
    No. We do not accept guest blogs or sponsored content on this website. We may be able to assist on our VOD site - UK Film Channel. Please go there and use the contact form on their website to find out more.
  • I have spotted a mistake in a review, what should I do?"
    Please use the contact form above to let us know and we will ensure to correct any mistakes.
  • How long is the wait to get a film review?
    This varies during the year but a general rule is at least 6 months. This seems excessive but it is simply the nature of the indie film industry - which is chock full of amazing filmmakers constantly creating wonderful work - which we want to review. We receive multiple submissions per day and the queue for a review grows faster than we can chop it down. We have options for filmmakers to skip the queue, starting from £10 - visit our shop to find out more about our Queue Jumps.
  • Can I use UK Film Review content elsewhere?
    No. UK Film Review own all the content on this website and should you wish to use any of it elsewhere, you must seek permission first. Use the contact form above to do so.
  • How do I listen to the UK Film Review Podcast?
    Our film podcast can be accessed by most podcast providers, such as SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts etc. Be sure to search there first as we should be easily found. Otherwise, visit our Podcast page and you should find links and info of our episodes.
  • How can I appear on the UK Film Review Podcast?
    We do not currently have guests on the podcast, only seasoned UK Film Review critics appear. This may change in the future.
  • Do UK Film Review have a Head Office I can visit?
    No. All of our staff and contributors are freelance, working from their homes or on the go. Should you require a postal address for something (e.g. film assets, competitions) please get in touch using the contact form above.
  • I don't like what a UK Film Review critic wrote/said about my film. Can I have the review removed/edited?
    Generally we do not remove reviews. It is unfair to our critics who have spent a lot of time watching your film and writing their review to have their hard work removed because you don't like their opinion. We will remove reviews should they fail to meet the UK Film Review standards we expect from our writers, and it is likely we will assign your film to another critic. Please only submit your film if you are happy to receive unbiased and genuine criticism from our critic. Many filmmakers are not used to this kind of feedback about their movies, especially ones they funded themselves and poured years of work into. Our job is to review the film as a final piece, not the arduous journey you took to make it. The critic is entitled to their opinion - one which they will have formed by watching your film in full at least once. Filmmakers should be aware that their films will not always appeal to every audience member.
  • How do I enter my film into the UK Film Review Festival?
    Films can be entered into our film festival via our FilmFreeway page. We host an annual online film festival via our VOD sister site, UK Film Channel. Any filmmaker who enters the UK Film Review Festival will receive a guaranteed film review - if they haven't already had one. And anyone who receives a 5-star review will get guaranteed official selection status - should they choose to enter the festival. We have numerous categories to enter and allow submissions for short films, feature films, documentaries, and more.
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