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It is the age old question...well one of the age-old questions. Much like “If a tree falls in the wood, and there is no one there to hear it fall, does it make a sound?”, the philosophical ponderings around the black magic that is film criticism has had many a would-be reviewer scratching their heads with pointed quills. Luckily, for those scribes with a penchant for movie reviews, you can stop inflicting yourself with unnecessary head wounds, because (to paraphrase Kermode and Mayo) “How do you become a film critic? You just become a film critic.”


Here at UK Film Review, our motto is...not in the groin. But after that, it is we give anyone a try. Whether it be a first-time filmmaker submitting their shoe-string budget short film about killer clowns, or Michael Bay’s latest action film highlighting the plight of slaves in 19th Century New England (coming to a cinema near you in 2020). And with that ethos, we invite anyone wanting to become a film critic to submit their best piece to us.


All that we ask is that you are:


  • A decent writer who is passionate about film criticism

  • Willing to review ALL kinds of films - not just those at the cinema

  • Happy to take on constructive criticism and develop

  • Be a film reviewer who writes about all aspects of a film, not just a detailed account of the plot


Jobs as a film critic are scarce, and currently, we can offer no payment for movie reviews. Our team of talented film reviewers are simply so passionate about the craft that they contribute voluntarily. In return, they enjoy the following:


  • The chance to get their writing on a (very) popular film reviews website

  • Access to some of the latest indie and short films

  • Invitations to press screenings of the biggest theatrical movies

  • Promotion in front of our 1000s of social media followers

  • Support and guidance on improving their writing

  • Being part of an online film-loving community

All sounding good? See the options below on the type of review you can leave. Remember to follow UK Film Review on social media (links in the footer) so you can stay up to date with our film reviews, movie trailers, and film festival updates.




You can now become a review on the iTunes Podcast for UK Film Review! To find out more click here.


You can now submit a review to us of ANY FREE FILM ON THE UK FILM CHANNEL! This is a new method we are trialling and want to see how new critics cope.


How to submit your review:


1. Visit our UK Film Channel.

2. Watch any film you like there (they are all free)

3. Come back to this page and click the "Submit Your Review" button below.

4. Submit your review using the form provided.

5. Wait to hear back from our Editor

(remember to check all your email folders - sometimes we end up in spam).

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