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"UK Film Review deserve a big thank-you! They are a priceless gem to independent filmmakers who are fighting to survive in a world where Hollywood hogs the stage. They provide vital exposure and an all-important platform. Please keep up the good work so we can too!"


- Angela Godfrey (Producer at Keen City) 


Film Sponsors UK

"UK Film Review provides my films the opportunity to be presented to a broad online community of film lovers and is an invaluable resource for independent filmmakers. Their reviews reflect both an expert knowledge and passion for the medium of film." 


- Alan King (Director and Filmmaker) 


"Indie filmmaking is a romantic illusion. However, once you've funded the project and dragged it through post production, it's sometimes (always) difficult to get eyes on your product. You may love the trailer you've cut- it's edgy, ambiguous and portrays your film as honestly as possible, but who's going to click the link?

What Chris and the team have built with UK Film Review is a platform for indie films which is both supportive and fair. Communication is top notch and you get the impression they actually care. Reviews are personal and well written, boasting real insight and love for the medium. Through continued hard work the site has a strong fanbase, meaning there is a solid audience who might click your link.

I've now dealt with UK Film Review on two feature films and I'm constantly impressed with their professionalism and generosity. When I Google my films, UK Film Review is always towards the top of the listings. They definitely have an influence and I look forward to watching that influence grow...

Now click my link (please)!


- David Campion (Director and Filmmaker) 


UK film sponsorship
UK film sponsorship

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