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Netflix Film Reviews

Aside from the plethora of indie movies and short films, we also provide Netflix film reviews. One of the most influential companies to impact the movie industry in the UK, not only have they transformed the way in which we watch movies and tv series, they have also produced some incredibly impressive films over the past few years...and continue to do so. 


Other streaming services have attempted to keep up the pace with Netflix and few have been able to achieve the same results. Amazon Prime is arguably the nearest competitor but the general consensus amongst movie watchers is that Prime is a bit of a let down. Lots of niche providers have also popped up as well as mainstream providers attempting to get a slice of the market, but it is Netflix that dominates from a consumption and production point of view.


Which is why our talented army of critics will be attempting to cover the output of movies and relaying their verdicts here on the Netflix film reviews page. Mostly we will review Netflix original films but may also turn our attention to other films that appear there. Not to mention putting together some brilliant feature articles that will sort the wheat from the chaff. All themes will be considered, such as: 


5 Movies to dance in your pants to

13 Reasons why Adam Sandler films aren't that bad

8 Films to watch on your deathbed


And so on.


Be sure to tweet us if you think there is a particular collection of movies you would group together on Netflix @ukfreview. We would love to hear what you think about the impact streaming services is having on the film industry (good or bad). 


Apart from that simply enjoy these Netflix film reviews, ensure that you load up on snacks that are fun and healthy, and contact your "chill" partner well in advance to ensure you can compare diaries...there is little else worse in this world than having to watch a fantastic movie on your own. 

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