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Film Trailers

Films in 2021

Alongside our passionate Film Reviews, we also like to promote the biggest and best film trailers from this year's upcoming theatrical releases. 
Here you will find some of the most exciting clips of films in 2021, from your dramas and romantic comedies, to superhero films and biopics. Fair warning, these movie trailers may contain spoilers or give you unreasonable expectations as to the quality of the full film. UK Film Review take no responsibility as to whether these trailers are appropriate to your sensibilities.
If you are looking for movies off the beaten track, check out our other movie trailers pages for short and indie films. You can find these by looking under the Film Channel drop down in the main navigation. There you will find some of our favourite movie trailers from filmmakers in the UK and worldwide, doing our best to support indie films. If you would like to submit your trailer, there is an option at the bottom of those pages. 
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All that's left to say is enjoy these trailers, share with your friends (and enemies), and come back regularly for more.

Movie Trailers to Come


Looking for a reason to check back? Well, this page will promote movies for the rest of the year and we will continue to unleash them as the months progress. Many film studios release their best movie trailers near the final stages of a film's release to tie in with their marketing which builds to a crescendo, like the final third of a Marvel superhero movie!


If you would like to submit a trailer for our consideration, please do so to If we like what we see we may put it on one of our pages. We may also promote it on social media, because that is where people love to engage with vids and clips...but mostly of pugs. Who doesn't love pugs? 


Spoilers in Movie Trailers


Many film lovers get in touch with us to express their outrage at firstly studios who include way too many spoilers in their marketing material, and then at us for sharing such spoilerific clips. A totally understandable and reasonable feeling, especially given the recent popularity amongst trailer makers to show footage from the final third of a film! 


If you think one of the movie trailers on our website contains too many spoilers, please let us know (using the usual social media platforms) and we will investigate. It may be that we grab the pitchforks and turn up at the doors of Warner Bros demanding satisfaction. It may be that we take to Twitter and bombard the film's stars with the most aggressive emojis and hashtags we can muster. Or it may be that we do absolutely nothing. Either way, you can be sure that you did your darndest to effect massive change in the world for a genuinely important cause.   

What is a movie trailer?

A movie trailer is a promotional piece of footage compiled using scenes or sequences from a film. The movie trailer may also include additional material or music to enhance the effec for the viewer.

What is the purpose of a movie trailer?

Movie trailers are used to build anticipation and excitement leading up to a film's release. Often they contain elements that will particularly appeal to fans of the genre they are targeting.

How long should a movie trailer be?

Typical movie trailers are around 2 minutes in length. Sometimes teaser trailers are used and these can be anything from 10 seconds to 1 minute plus. 

How do I make a movie trailer?

You will need to have the footage material from the film you are planning to make a trailer for. You should also have video editing software, music (including the licence to use it), as well as any graphics you plan to use such as intro or outro sequences.

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