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UK Film Magazine



The UK Film Review Magazine launched in February 2020 with our classic recipe of reviews, features and interviews, covering all aspects of the film industry - not just the biggest releases. Short films, festivals, and indie filmmakers all made appearance alongside some of cinemas biggest releases of the month. 


So why, we hear you ask, have UK Film Review moved into the film magazine biz? We wanted to take our movie reviews to the next level and provide our readers with an alternative way of keeping up to date from the frontline of film. A handy digital magazine which can be downloaded onto any device and read at your leisure (without an internet connection even) was something we wanted to be able to offer. Also, we realise that online noise means sometimes our readers may miss some of the reviews we put out. This is why we aim to get into your mailboxes ;)


Furthermore, the UK Film Review Magazine offers a nice snapshot of the movies in cinemas for that month, helping you decide whether you are going to take the plunge for certain films. Unlike some other UK film magazines, ours is very affordable. Just £1 per issue to keep your wallet happy and your movie appetite satiated. Ours will also include world cinema, documentaries, animated films, and anything else we decide to pop in there.


We recommend subscribing, so you don’t miss an issue and you also get first access to the magazine each month. Some of the content in there will also be unique to the UK Film Review Magazine, such as filmmaker interviews and features, so it is going to be a must-read for any serious film fans. Inside we also include a little film game at the end which is a fun way to join in with us on social media after you finish reading the digital magazine.


Don’t worry, the UK Film Review Magazine will not be replacing our usual website coverage of movies. All reviews will be available online with only select ones appearing in the magazine. 

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