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Featured Short Film Trailers

Blank Shores

When we are not writing some of the best Film Reviews available on the internet, UK Film Review promote the leading Short Filmmakers and showcase their movie trailers. On this page, you will find a selection of the most exciting Short Film Trailers, which you can enjoy lickety-split because they are usually pretty short as you can imagine.


From sci-fi to buddy cop, fantasy to thriller, no short film is missed out on this page, and we pride ourselves on promoting some of the best filmmakers around. Furthermore, if you would like your Short Film Trailer to appear on our website, please use the contact form at the bottom to submit and use the PayPal option to be added to our Short Film Trailer Channel.


We feel that these short film trailers should be shared with the world, but do not pretend to know your preferences as an audience member. Please only view them if you are of age and maturity to handle their content...and awesomeness. We accept no responsibility for any offence caused by these Short Film Trailers, so please do not send us messages about how they destroyed your fragile minds, questioned your belief systems, or made you see the world as the bleak, dismal place it really is.


Also remember to take a look at the Film Channel where you can Watch Short Films For Free. Likewise if you would like your indie or short film added to our website, use the form at the end of that page where you can see the packages available. Or head over to our Film Promotion Packages section under the drop-down for #supportindiefilm where you can see all the other ways that UK Film Review can help promote your film.


Now feel free to kick back with a drink, feet up, and some popcorn to enjoy these short film trailers...unless you are driving in which case pull over you maniac!



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