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Christmas Film Reviews

One of the most important genres known to cineastes, the festive film is a staple of the movie calendar. Here at UK Film Review we aim to please, or if not entertain, so that is why we give back to the masses by offering a relative Santa's Grotto of Christmas Film Reviews for you to gorge on during the festive period...or any other part of the year for that matter. 


We will cover classics and newer releases alike, and if you have any suggestions for movies we have not covered do get in touch using Facebook and Twitter. Or why not write to Father Christmas himself and see if he can help? 


As with all our film reviews, this Christmas section will feature the Naughty and the Nice. So you will be able to see what our critics thought of Home Alone and Die Hard (yes it is a Christmas movie) alongside their opinions of that terrible one with Ryan Reynolds that we don't mention.


There will also feature any short and indie films that have Christmas themes in them. So if you are a filmmaker with a Festive Movie for us to review, do get in touch and submit your film. If you attach a picture of cookies and milk we may also be less hangry when we review which tends to help. 


As they say in the North hands are without further ado take a look at some of these frankly perfect Christmas Film Reviews.

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