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The Legend of Santa short animated film review

Updated: Mar 29, 2021


Directed by: Andrew de Burgh

Written by: Daniel Colyer

Poster for The Legend of Santa showing animation.
Poster for The Legend of Santa

A heartwarming tale about Father Christmas.

Inspired by Daniel Colyer's book A Magical Christmas Adventure, this short animated film tells the story of how Santa became the character everyone knows today.

Around 330 AD, there is a bishop named Saint Nicholas in what is now Turkey. One day he spots a poor little girl crying. He gives her a doll as a present and sees that he has made her happy. He has an epiphany and decides to make many dolls and give them to all the children that live in the city. He then loads presents on a wagon and uses a horse to pull it north and bring the gifts to children around the world. As his journey progresses, he will make changes and adjustments, eventually ending up in North Pole and becoming Santa Claus, the personification of Christmas.

There are no highlights here, because the entire film is a highlight. From start to finish, the audience will be captivated by this beautiful, emotional story.

Visually this is an absolute pleasure to watch. The watercolor-themed animation can only be described as spectacular and majestic. Every single shot looks like a painting coming to life. The colors look terrific and very pleasing to the eye. All of the characters, objects and their surroundings are well-drawn and brought to life with the help of delightful colors. The hard work that the animators have dedicated is visible in every moment.

There are no spoken words and the music that accompanies the images from the beginning until the end could not be a better addition. Composed by Marc Timon, it is beautiful and mesmerizing. At times it is dynamic, signifying adventure and danger and then it becomes gentle and sentimental. There is also the sound of jingle bells, bringing a Christmas-themed feeling.

This magical tale does a great job in giving life to the spirit of Christmas and has many elements that are often seen in films that deal with that joyful season, such as snow, presents, a village inhabited by elves in north pole and of course Father Christmas himself, along with his sledge and reindeer. However, this is more than just about Christmas. This story explores human kindness and suggests that one person can make a big difference.

This remarkable achievement offers six unforgettable minutes. Everybody who collaborated in the making of this deserves great praise. Thanks to their hard work, they brought to the world a moving story, filled with marvelous animation and an outstanding score.



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