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Spears is the new thriller from Irish filmmaker Gerard Lough. Packed with twists and turns, the plot kicks off when a Private Investigator is sent from Ireland to Florence, Italy to track down a woman who mysteriously vanished there. Meanwhile in London, a Dissident Republican does an arm's deal with a new seller he does not trust. In Berlin, a scam artist spends a weekend with a married woman he tries to convince to leave with him. Each of the three men makes a startling discovery which forces them to team up back in Ireland and take revenge on those who have wronged them. Fittingly, the film’s title is taken from the Emily Bronte quote; “Treachery and violence are spears pointed by both ends; they wound those who resort to them worse than their enemies.” Typical of the mystery/thriller genre, the film is a stylish looking affair with tension and fear in abundance but trust in short supply. The ambitious production was shot in London, Berlin, Florence and Donegal, Ireland. Busy Irish actor Aidan O'Sullivan (Night People) leads a diverse cast of exciting newcomers. Lough: "The cast of Spears were are the best I have ever worked with. Each of the seven principal actors are potential break out stars and I have no doubt we are going to be seeing more of them on screen in the years to come. After a preview screening, their performances were one of the most talked-about aspects of the film." Another early talking point has been the film's music which includes some of the best new Irish and British electronica from artists such as Shaefri, Sleep Thieves, Le Groupe Fantastique and Exit: Pursued by a Bear, whose song Rabbit with Hat is featured on the trailer. Lough rates the Cork group's song "as one of the best pieces of electronic music ever released by an Irish band, no two ways about it." The new trailer proved a challenge as it had to give audiences a clear idea of what the film is about while not giving away its biggest plot twist. Lough: "It's a common complaint of modern trailers that they give away far too much. With this trailer, we have held back the film's biggest surprises and retained the mystery while still giving an audience the essence of the story. It's a tricky balance but I think we've nailed it."  

The film's release date was held back so it could be released in cinemas at a time when audiences are returning in larger numbers. Lough: "There is nothing like seeing your work on the big screen, so we are all delighted that initial audiences will get to experience Spears exactly as we intended." 

Spears is currently showing at selected cinemas in Ireland with a U.K. release to be confirmed.

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