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Filmmaker Interview with Gia Skova

Filmmaker Interview by Chris Olson

Filmmaker Interview with Gia Skova

Hi Gia, many thanks for speaking with us. Whereabouts in the world do we find you right now?

I’m in the USA at the moment working on my new current project, a romantic comedy it’s coming soon! I’m directing again!!!

You wrote, directed, and starred in the action thriller The Serpent. For new audiences, how would you describe the film?

I invite you to get to know The Serpent. She is definitely someone you want to introduce to your friends and followers. This film is entertaining, well-written and full of exciting turns.

The Serpent Movie Poster
The Serpent Movie Poster

The plot synopsis is: Top special agent Lucinda Kavsky works for a secret part of the CIA. She's given a special assignment but then set up by her own agency.

The stunts are amazing, the music will keep your heart beating as it lends to Serpent's adventures. Targeted demos for The Serpent include: women and guys of all ages, those who identify as action film watchers, those who like suspense and thrillers, those who support Independent and film festival movies, international movie watchers, those who enjoy female heroines, and international spy/espionage movie lovers. The Serpent is sure to please these viewers of all ages.

The Serpent has magnetic appeal with a storyline that can be understood and felt no matter where you are located. It can easily be a cult classic. It's a title you want in your movie catalogue. Meet The Serpent and enjoy!

Why did you want to tell this story?

I love stories about heroes, about those who fight against wrong and I want the good guys to win and all my stories that I have already created and will create are about this.

I want to give hope to all those viewers who will watch my movies that in movies as in life there is justice and you have to believe in yourself and believe that the good guys will win and doing good is much more important, and you can meet good people and you can do good things and be happy!

What were the challenges of getting The Serpent made?

It was quite an experience, to complete the project from the beginning till the end...I have to say it’s hard work, being both on screen and off the screen as a head of the project, the producer.

What has the reaction to The Serpent been like?

The reaction to the movie is different but mostly everyone liked it very much, the audience liked very much the hero Lucinda Kavsky - of course, the girl blonde hero saves the world, you can't think of anything better.

This was your directorial debut. How did you find it?

The Serpent is my directorial debut. I hope my audience will appreciate my debut work, an exciting action sequence sure to please audiences worldwide. With its diverse casting, international setting, and intriguing story, The Serpent is the newest cultural phenomenon. I love the action genre because I am mostly attracted to the stunt work, stunt fighting and stunt driving and I did all the stunts myself in the film.

Why do you make movies?

Since childhood, I love to tell stories that take the breath away, surprise and delight the viewer and movies gives me the opportunity to show everything in a colourful light.

The Serpent is currently available to watch on Freevee.


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