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The Silly Sammy Adventure Short Film Review


Directed by: #SawyerIque

Starring: #SillySammy


This short animation follows Sammy, a piece of bread no less whose day becomes ruined by the evil witch and her robot disciples. It is up to Sammy to outsmart her and put an end to her evil ways. Sammy embarks on an adventure and the audience are taken along on his journey as he fights against evil with his cunningness and skills.

The admiration I have for those working within animation is extremely high, its certainly a skill which one should build and improve upon in every way, especially if you have a passion and a knack for creating quirky characters and developing a story. The Silly Sammy Adventure is colourful, vibrant and Sammy himself is a loveable character that can be enjoyed by many children.

There are a few improvements that can be made to the storyline which would help to keep the audience engaged throughout. The narrative felt rushed, and so it was difficult to digest who the characters were, their motive and understand the feud between the two. It meant that it was a struggle to grasp what was playing out on screen in such a short space of time. To get the most out of this short animation, it would have been great to slow the pace down so that the audience and children can really invest in the character Sammy and can cheer him on until the end. The evil witch could have looked more menacing and different in appearance to the robots to give her that high ultimate power and to have a diverse collection of characters so that the audience can invest in the story and this vibrant world. This kind of variety really is what elevates an animation, it’s the details that will make a huge difference to this piece as well as a focus on the character development to send the film into another league entirely.

Nevertheless, the talent is evident within The Silly Sammy Adventure but can always be developed further, there is room to tweak certain aspects. However, Sawyer Ique has created an animation which is light, entertaining, and has a lot of potential to be established further and can perhaps create spin off characters from this piece. There are a range of ways in which this can be expanded, and it will be exciting to see how Sawyer Ique’s imagination explores these endless possibilities.


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