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Sheep F-cked In the Head Short Film Review


Directed by: #DianaGalimzyanova

Sheep F-cked In the Head is a music video which portrays a woman on a night out drinking and enjoying herself to the extreme. However, throughout the video she is constantly approached by men, and some of the advances towards her are consensual, and some are not, and yet they still tried to take advantage. This video highlights some of the common scenarios many women face daily, and certainly when drinking or out in a night club. Diana Galimzyanova is the director of this video and combined with Marria Rosllova’s lyrics, the piece explores the subject of women and the role in which we are expected to play, as well this subject of what it means to be a woman.

The video began in a very powerful way, young girl, dressed up and walking into to the nightclub with confidence and attitude. Her main aim is to just drink the night away, and as her drinking becomes heavier and heavier, men start to approach and begin to test the boundaries. Sheep F-cked In the Head was quite hard hitting and extremely truthful in a way, the main protagonist certainly appeared powerful and looked pretty much done with all the bulls**t as the men began to surround her! However, it was great to see a video that highlights issues which are prominent in society.

I think if I were to liken the character to someone, it would be Phoebe Waller-Bridge from Fleabag. A woman that has no filter and is unapologetically herself. Female characters that carry a lot of energy and rage make for fantastic protagonists and we instantly become drawn to them. Some of the scenes were very repetitive and considering this is only a 2-minute video, the audience craved those diverse, new, and exciting locations and scenes as there is only a short window to grab our attention. The opening of this music video was strong and introduced the audience to a fiery character, however, it would have been good to keep this energy up throughout. Regardless, this was a fascinating music video that had style, attitude and focus on some very real issues.


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