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London Independent Film Festival

Due to come to London in April/May 2020, the London Independent Film Festival is a particularly important event in the cinematic calendar. Mostly because it provides a fantastic stepping stone for new filmmakers, and a great festival to be part of.

LIFF (London Independent Film Festival) puts on a selection of fantastic screenings, events, and workshops that attract big fans across the capital.

Filmmakers who are looking to submit their film to a London Film Festival should seriously consider the LIFF. It has a strong pedigree amongst the industry and can provide exposure to some of the movie-making community's big players. For instance, at the London Independent Film Festival 2020, there will be a special event hosted by our Editor-in-Chief, Chris Olson, on film marketing. This is a fantastic partnership that is sure to benefit all who are able to attend.

We are hoping to add a few more entries to this page as we review films that will be appearing in the LIFF lineup. You can also check out special features that have been provided by the festival organisers, or exclusive interviews. One such interview can be found between UK Film Review and Festival Director Natasha Marburger - so be sure to check it out.

London Independent Film Festival
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