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Beeston Film Festival

THE BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL IN THE MIDLANDS is the Beeston Film Festival. It is now open for its SIXTH year and now ranks in the top 100 Best Reviewed Festivals from the 8,000 festivals registered worldwide. The festival takes place over five days across several venues and screens over 120 films from 35 countries, creating a truly international cinematic experience. It will take place late March 2020.

The Beeston Oscar, or B’Oscar, is presented to the best film in the following categories - Drama, Horror, Comedy, Documentary, Animation, Crime, Science Fiction and Student. Further prizes include Best Director, Best Script, Best Cinematography, Best Acting Performance, Best Soundtrack & Sound Design, Women’s Voices and an Audience award, too.

The selection process includes review by a team of local Beestonians who select the film accepted into the festival and determine the B’Oscar nomination shortlists. Our B’Oscar award jury comprises of film professionals from across the globe including UK, US, Belgium, France, India, and Taiwan.

Beeston Film Festival
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