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Grimmfest Film Festival

Grimmfest is one of the UK's leading festivals of horror, sci-fi, fantasy & cult cinema, taking place every year in Manchester. This truly independent genre film festival is dedicated to sharing the best new short and feature films from both emerging and established filmmakers, hosting a wealth of World, European, UK and Northern premieres across the 4-day event.

Previous Grimmfest highlights range from international successes What We Do in the Shadows, The Babadook, Train to Busan, The Woman and American Mary, to those made closer to home such as Howl, Grabbers, Before Dawn, Let Us Prey and Colin. Over the years they've welcomed a vast number of guests, including horror mainstays Robin Hardy (The Wicker Man), Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead, From Beyond), Brian Yuzna (Re-Animator, From Beyond) and Italian soundtrack maestros Goblin, alongside Britain's own Ross Noble (Stitches), Alice Lowe (Sightseers, Prevenge) and Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones, Dog Soldiers).

The 2017 edition attracted thousands of genre film fans, press and industry guests to the city, with highlights including World Premieres of gritty Manchester-set horror film Habit and stunning animated documentary Borley Rectory, featuring the voice talents of Reece Shearsmith, Nicholas Vince and Julian Sands. Ted Geoghegan's Mohawk and Rob Grant's Fake Blood had their first European outings, alongside UK premieres of the WW1-set Trench 11, Fantasia favourite Poor Agnes and Russian supernatural thriller The Bride. The Francesca Eastwood-starring M.F.A., Sitges-selected Rabbit and festival favourite Dave Made a Maze also had their first UK screenings at the festival. Northern Premieres included Better Watch Out, Replace, Game of Death, Killing Ground, Still/Born, 68 Kill, Ruin Me, Double Date, Freehold (Two Pigeons), Leatherface and Attack of the Adult Babies.

2017 Q&As and special guests included filmmakers and stars from Habit, Borley Rectory, Fake Blood, Trench 11, Double Date and Attack of the Adult Babies. The Festival's 9th edition proved once again that Grimmfest is one of the most welcoming genre film festivals in the world.

"In all respects I can honestly say 'Grimmfest did me proud'! I've attended film premieres before but I've never felt such a warm atmosphere or watched cast and crew members be so well looked after, myself included" - Sara Dee (Actress - Borley Rectory)

"We were honoured to have our UK premiere at Grimmfest. They did a great job of promoting the film, and their efforts led to a slew of great press; their PR people are really on top of it and we are forever grateful. It really helped establish an audience for our movie in the UK" - Bill Watterson (Director - Dave Made a Maze)

"All the films looked and sounded amazing. Talking with the fans and filmmakers at the fest was a blast. I loved everything about Grimmfest. I very much look forward to screening another film there" - Matt Stuertz (Director - Tonight She Comes)

Grimmfest Film Festival
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