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Screen and Story Film Festival

The Screen and Story Film Festival is an open global festival giving filmmakers a platform to showcase their stories to diverse audiences across the world. Our first edition opened as a result of the pandemic in 2020 with our first virtual edition featuring 21 shorts from 10 countries. This year we are expanding our film programme to screenings of shorts, features and documentaries. The 2021 festival edition will bring its inaugural screenwriting competition to celebrate the power of storytelling combined with a full range of industry-leading events. All screenings, events and talks will be held virtually.

Our 2021 edition sees a global open call for submissions that encourages all filmmakers to submit their work. With no submission or ticket fees, the festival focuses on one common mission: to enhance and empower worldwide filmmaking, providing a platform to all regardless of location, race, sexuality, gender identity, faith, disability or socio-economic background, with no exceptions.

The Screen and Story Film Festival is run by likeminded volunteers from different sectors of the professional film community all working towards one common mission. We exist to enhance and empower global filmmakers and writers around the world, giving a platform to all in-discriminative of location, race, sexuality, gender, religion, disability or socio-economic background, with no exceptions.

Our Values are to:
- To find, develop and promote undiscovered international filmmaking talent, encouraging them to showcase their films and let their voices be heard in an engaging and inspiring atmosphere where creativity and powerful storytelling abounds.

- To level the playing field for filmmakers, always providing equal opportunities to all through a broad open call free from theme at least once a year.

- To create an all-encompassing support network of filmmakers for the filmmakers. Fostering connection for collaboration, encouragement and advice.

- To give independent film a diverse and worldwide audience and reach a wide range of communities with films they may not generally have access to.

- To be nomadic and take the festival to interesting and unexplored territories.

- To be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of location.

Screen and Story Film Festival
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