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Chris Olson Film Critic

Chris Olson

Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Having spent a lot of time watching films during my time at the University of Plymouth, I decided to become a film critic - a job that offers no pay, no luxury, and no guarantee of meeting famous people...At least it doesn't come with a uniform. 


You can see my Plymouth University Alumni Page here.


I started writing for a London cultural magazine about events going on in the city. Soon after I was made the Editor of the film section. Eventually, the mag went bust and I decided to use my connections and start UK Film Review. The result being what you see here - a platform to help filmmakers, actors, writers and indeed film critics achieve cyber glory. 


My reviewing style is probably more optimistic than most, especially as I try to find the good in what everyone does...except Michael Bay. 


My favourite films are, in no particular order, About Time (2013), Glengarry Glen Ross (1992), Fight Club (1999), 12 Angry Men (1957), Adam Sandler's early movies ("Hey Waterboy, durrr") and anything directed by Christopher Nolan .


Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn using the icons below and drop me a line if you are interested in becoming a film critic or having your film reviewed. Or watch some of my video film reviews below and click the button underneath to read some of my movie reviews.

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