Raindance Film Festival

Embracing the UK's more independent filmmakers, The Raindance Film Festival is still an event which a very high calibre of filmmaking. Taking place in Central London usually in September, the movie festival is something to behold when it comes to viewing a smorgasbord of indie cinema. 


As with most film festivals, Raindance contains categories for shorts alongside features, with category competitions and of course the awards which then appear on movie posters around the world. 


In comparison to something like the BFI London Film Festival, Raindance is a bit more chilled and access to filmmakers a lot easier. Many of the screenings have Q&As and the venues are smaller which means you can often get some direct contact with them. It's not uncommon to see interviews being conducted all around the place and many of those people with films in the festival are looking for exposure and distribution deals, so are happy to hang around. 


Cut-off dates for submissions to the Raindance Film Festival have varied over the years, but check out their official site if you are thinking of submitting. Also, UK Film Review often provide discounts on submissions to film festivals so check back on our site too. 


Check out some of our film reviews from movies that have appeared at the Raindance Film Festival below and if you would like to submit your movie use the option at the top of the screen.