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House Finch short film review


Directed by: #JosephJohnson


House Finch short film poster
House Finch short film poster

House Finch is one of the more curious shorts to have been released in the last twelve months. It doesn’t have a storyline in the normal sense of the word; nor does it contain interaction that might begin to explain character motivation. Instead, it relies on a brief snapshot of a day in the life of a woman whose son has special needs. It’s difficult not to shrug your shoulders and say so what; what have I learnt, how have I been entertained?

Penny (Adjoa Andoh) runs a class for adults with learning difficulties; and the landlord has told her she can no longer use their facilities. She trudges home to husband Kevin (Craig Davey); who seems more enthralled by a defective clock than Penny’s troubles. She finds a warmer response in son Jamie (Edward Bluemel), who has special needs although no proper explanation is given as to what his condition might be. Penny is frustrated by Kevin’s reticence and his lack of emotional support.

One senses a back story but it never elaborates to anything meaningful. They hint at characters with issues but the viewer is none the wiser.

There are random images which might represent a dream, subconscious thought or flashback; but then again maybe not. It’s deeply unfulfilling for the viewer and only made bearable by familiar faces from the small screen.

Adjoa Andoh, star of Dr Who and Edward Bluemel of Killing Eve fame are both highly watchable. The essence of good storytelling is to make characters grow through a clear narrative. Maybe it was just too subtle and flew over my head, but I couldn’t find a story here.



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