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10 Smoking Hot 2019 Movie Trailers

Film Feature by #ChrisOlson

It's been a juicy year for film and it's not even over yet. With another Fantastic Beasts film to emerge soon as well as a new take on The Grinch, movie fans can see out the rest of 2018 in fairly capable hands.

Looking forward, however, there seems to be some immense talent awaiting us as these 10 Smoking Hot 2019 Movie Trailers attest.


SHAZAM 2019 Movie Trailer

Due to hit UK cinemas April 5th 2019, Shazam! stars #ZacharyLevi in the title role. Another part of the #DC Universe, audiences are likely to be excited yet filled with trepidation about another possible let-down. That being said, the supporting case which includes #MarkStrong #AdamBrody #DjimonHounsou and #MichelleBorth suggests we can get at least a little bit eager.


MOWGLI 2019 Movie Trailer

We are not currently being given a release date for Mowgli other than 2019, but coming from legendary filmmaker #AndySerkis this is sure to be one of next year's most anticipated blockbusters. #ChristianBale #BenedictCumberbatch and #CateBlanchett are just a few of the massive stars that will appear and we cannot wait.


DUMBO 2019 Movie Trailer

Another #Disney remake but certainly one audiences will be on board for. Hitting UK cinemas from March 29th 2019, Dumbo is directed by #TimBurton who brings with him his own baggage of iconic style and filmmaking. What he will do with those racist crows yet no one knows but with a cast that includes #EvaGreen #MichaelKeaton and #ColinFarrell this is one show you will want a ticket to.



Slated for release in UK cinemas February 8th (which is my birthday in case anyone wants to take me) the second Lego movie is likely to attract huge audiences after the success of movie one. Combining awesome #animation and comedy, and the wonderful pairing of #ChrisPratt and #ElizabethBanks, the franchise has built a sturdy foundation from which to grow - just think of the merchandising!


GREEN BOOK 2019 Movie Trailer

Hitting UK cinemas February 1st 2019, Green Book tells the story of an African-American classical pianist travelling the Deep South with his uncouth bouncer. Directed by #PeterFarrelly this movie trailer suggests this could be one of those hidden gems worthy seeking out next year.


GLASS 2019 Movie Trailer

From #MNightShyamalan this culmination of several awesome stories (see Unbreakable and Split) is a hot topic for many movie fans who have, shall we say, a difficulty in trusting the notorious director. That being said, with #BruceWillis #SamuelLJackson and #JamesMcAvoy at the helm we shall at least give this one a try.



One of the most underrated animated film series of recent years, How To Train Your Dragon is a superb franchise for all ages. This 3rd installment is likely to be just as beautifully crafted as its brethren and equally as entertaining. Even the TV show was okay but I am not allowed to talk about TV here...shush.


ON THE BASIS OF SEX 2019 Movie Trailer

A thorough examination of the gender inequalities built into US law, this promises to be a thrilling drama starring #FelicityJones and #ArmieHammer. Another #Biopic and getting stuck in with incredibly topical and relevant themes, audiences will likely be in their element with this movie which comes to UK cinemas February 8th.


ROCKETMAN 2019 Movie Trailer

Coming to UK cinemas May 24th 2019, Rocketman is yet another biopic this time for the legendary #EltonJohn. The very talented #TaronEgerton will play the pianist and songwriter with a stellar back-up cast which includes #BryceDallasHoward #JamieBell and #RichardMadden. If you haven't got Rocketman playing through your head right now are you even human?


CAPTAIN MARVEL 2019 Movie Trailer

And last but not least #BrieLarson stars as Captain Marvel another #superhero movie coming to UK cinemas March 8th 2019. This time part of the #Marvel Cinematic Universe, audiences will be having a lot of fun if this trailer is anything to go by.


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