Berlin Liberi Film Festival

Berlin Liberi Film Festival is a two-day event the third weekend of December with one simple purpose - to screen and promote true independent films in Berlin.

For filmmakers participating at the Festival should be a valuable experience and for audience equally so. The venue is Kino Moviemento, the oldest Cinema in Germany, founded 1907 located in Kreuzberg in the middle of Berlin.


Most films are no-budget but some films are with a bigger production level. We strive to celebrate and promote personal filmmaking regardless of which shape and form it comes in. Experimental and Obscure films are in the very root of the festival, but the root itself is the personal expression, the free voice.

So far we have screened films from more than 50 different countries such as Brazil, Iran, USA, Russia, Sweden, Lebanon, Tunisia and of course Germany to name a few. We've also been blessed to have filmmakers visiting the festival from many of these countries.

A reason for this is that we pay for accommodation as an encouragement and support to travel to Berlin for the weekend. May it be for networking or just for the fun of it, this is part of our agenda that participating should be worthwhile for filmmakers.

At the Berlin Liberi Film Festival, we work to provide a friendly atmosphere and weekend where filmmakers, organizations, enthusiasts and the audience can meet and spend quality time together while watching some real independent films.

We do interviews with the attending filmmakers which we'll use for promotional purposes. Always, but especially at the Indie level, getting to know the people behind the works is greatly appreciated by audiences and peers alike.


All selected films are invited to our VoD-platform, Illambra. We launched 2018 building completely from scratch and use a straightforward 50/50 model for revenue. For us, it's first and foremost about quality true independent films finding a home online where they can be hosted in a together and presented in a qualitative manner. We're looking to build a solid library over time, presenting authors rather than titles, and let the user base come along with it.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the Berlin Liberi Film Festival directly.

Berlin Liberi Fil Festival
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