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Video Interview with Filmmaker Matthew Paris

Updated: May 30, 2021

Filmmaker Interview by Chris Olson

As a film critic, it has been my honour to interview a wonderful mix of filmmakers over the years and after my most recent Zoom interview with Matthew Paris, I am in awe of the grit and determination they often have towards their craft.

During our interview, Matthew talks about his short filmmaking, his writing process, acting, directing, and the role of a producer. He also goes into a bit of detail about how to sell a film - which I am sure will be interesting reading for a lot of filmmakers out there.

Film fans will be able to enjoy Matthew Paris talk about his short films, in particular The Eyes On Me, in which Paris plays a small part at the beginning. It was hilarious to hear about his character's need to smoke, especially when the lead actress was allergic to tobacco smoke!

You can watch the entire video interview with filmmaker Matthew Paris below or on our YouTube channel.



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