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Thick As Thieves short film review


Directed by: #SamFichtner

Written by: Sam Fichtner


Thick As Thieves Movie Review

Thick As Thieves Movie Poster
Thick As Thieves Movie Poster

The Thief Who Came to Dinner meets Ocean’s 11 in this short film from #filmmaker Sam Fichtner, Thick As Thieves. Starring Revell Carpenter and Luke Lenza as Rose and Gary, a new couple who are about to go through the most formidable of relationship tests - a couples dinner. To make the situation even more harrowing, the latter quickly realises that the former is a professional thief looking to rob his friends.

Rose and Gary attend a rich couple’s party, where there is plenty of wine and good food. Rose wastes no time in making excuses to be alone in their glorious house, where she attempts to loot anything that looks expensive and is fairly obvious in the process. Gary tries to balance the good opinion of his new girlfriend, whilst following Rose around the house and preventing her from making a huge mistake. However, a twist in the tale is coming and it will put their relationship through a further test.

Delightfully funny and with an easy atmosphere, Fichtner knows how to play with #heist genre techniques and mashes them well with #romcom aspects. It would still be a difficult trick to pull off had the chemistry between Revell Carpenter and Luke Lenza been anything but brilliant - fortunately it is. The two performers give strong and nuanced performances that navigate the character reveals well and the audience quickly invests themselves in this relationship because it feels believable and charming. Carpenter’s depiction of Rose’s lithe recklessness is particularly enjoyable, moving around the couple’s house like a ninja socialite.

The narrative is a tad slapdash, opting for a simple premise and a fairly underwhelming ending, however, the journey in the first two-thirds of Thick As Thieves is bountiful. Music is used well to heighten the suspense and capture that classic atmosphere of characters-about-to-be-caught, although it did overpower the dialogue in a few places. The production, overall, was done to a high standard and looked really professional, with smooth editing and camerawork. It has the look and feel of an #HBO comedy like Curb Your Enthusiasm and indeed some of the aloof charm.

Sam Fichtner has delivered a familiar and funny short film that capitalises on a wonderful central chemistry and lively premise. The piece shows great cinematic knowledge and deft skill by employing multiple genre techniques which elevate it above the usual indie comedy crowd. Had the storyline been a bit more nuanced they may have escaped with a 5-star #comedy, as it is, however, we still get a thrilling and enjoyable heist movie with plenty of laughs and two great central performances.




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