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The Final Fix documentary review


Directed by: Norman Stone, Tim Neeves

Poster for The Final Fix showing Ewan McGregor and Dr Meg Patterson.
Poster for The Final Fix

Opioid addiction ends and destroys lives. It is a very serious problem that needs to be dealt with with great determination.

Narrated by acclaimed actor Ewan McGregor, this informative documentary won Best Documentary and Best Director Documentary at the Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival. It's main focus is the Neuro Electric Therapy, a treatment for drug addiction that was invented by Scottish surgeon Dr Meg Patterson in the nineteen seventies. This treatment involves the use of electrical currents that hopefully puts an end to one's desire to use opioids.

This powerful documentary begins by showing the current devastating situation of addicts in the United States. It then introduces this unique treatment, also known as N.E.T., which is not used there. The filmmakers then begin an experiment: they bring together five male volunteers, who each have addictions to various substances, and they bring them to a facility , where they all receive the treatment. The main goal is to prove that this method works and should be accepted globally.

The film consists of news footage, individuals being interviewed such as ex-addicts, police officers, paramedics, experts and Dr Patterson herself. As the film progresses, the audience learns a great deal about the five men who are receiving the treatment and will most likely want them to get over their addictions and move on with their lives. The filmmakers also included wonderful shots of cities and landscapes. All of the shots have been effectively put together through methodical editing.

McGregor does an amazing job with the narration. His voice is clear and he explains the events with enthusiasm, helping the viewer understand what is going on.

If one is watching this feature, without having heard of the N.E.T. before, then they will be thoroughly informed about how it came to be and how it works. The facts are explained in great detail from start to finish. After ninety minutes, it leaves the viewer with valuable knowledge.

This documentary is shocking, touching and raises awareness about opioid addiction and offers hope that an effective treatment exists.

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