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Uncharted Expedition Short Film Review


Directed by: #TimothyDraper


Uncharted Expedition follows team leader Timothy Draper and Shaun Fotheringham, embarking on a fantastically thrilling adventure and bringing a team together to explore and investigate treasures across Western America. Covid-19 unfortunately put a delay on the team and stopped them from making headway with their mission. However, episode 1 of this series shows the guys constructing a secure and loyal team, all keen and with the perfect expertise needed to document and make some fascinating discoveries.

The series begins with Shaun and Timothy expressing their desire and passion to get their project off the ground once and for all. The pair discuss the logistics of how they would like their series to be documented and who would be the best characters to join them on their expeditions. The people involved needed to have that desire and enthusiasm for treasure hunting as well as stamina, as the pair go on to say that there will be caves and mines that they will need to explore, working mainly outdoors and in all types of weather. They certainly needed a cameraman who was quick on his feet to be able to keep up with their fast pace and capture raw footage of their ventures. It was important that every detail is captured as you never know what discoveries are going to be around the corner. With a cameraman, metal detectorists, treasure hunting specialists and lots of equipment and gear needed to begin their journey, the two men set the series up in a positive and exciting way.

At the end of the episode, at the edge of St. George, Timothy shows the two men where they will begin their first treasure hunting experience. Timothy explains where the site is and the silver that is buried out there, it is said that there is a value of up to 1.5 million. This was a great way to end the series and entices the viewer in, wanting to invest more in their new projects. It would have been beneficial to include more about the expedition they are about to embark on, perhaps more of a breakdown of the location and the history of the treasure and to mention this a lot earlier on in the episode. There seemed to be a lot of repetitive dialogue throughout, as they discussed the team and their expertise, of course this is all crucial information, however, there needs to be that hook from the start. It was the camera man that directed the men and have them focus back on the mission at hand. There needs to be that guidance throughout to keep everyone on track and to not get caught up in conversation. The viewer relies on the team to explain their movements and what the journey entails, this is what drives the piece and ultimately is the sole focus.

This series is interesting, exciting, and certainly aimed at adventure seekers and those that are fascinated by history. Its an informative short series, with specialists that have a lot of experience in treasure hunting, combined with the ability to make the series fun and interactive for the viewers at home, definitely one to watch.


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