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The Best Filmmaking Courses in the UK

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Film Feature by Chris Olson

The Best Filmmaking Courses in the UK

Home to tutting in queues, washing up bowls, and a general sense of never knowing how or what to tip, the UK is a wonderful place. Amongst our eccentricities is a bountiful movie industry, with phenomenally creative artists both in front and behind the camera. With so many amazing films emerging in recent years being made here in Britain, as well as a political need to create more economic growth, there has been a push to get more people involved in filmmaking courses in the UK.

Many brilliant establishments already offer these types of tuition, and can aim at would-be students from a range of social and economic backgrounds. Here at UK Film Review we are hoping to spread the word about some of the best filmmaking courses, where you can find them, and what they entail. With that in mind, here is a short list of the best ones we can find right now that have more of an introductory feel to them, covering the basics, and are not too much of a financial investment.

Raindance Film School

Filmmaking Courses in the UK

Thinking you just want to dip your toe into the word of film? Then Raindance offer a marvellous filmmaking course titled "99 Minute Film School", which is taking place this August in London.

The cost is £25 making it fantastic value for money considering the level of expertise their tutors can bring. It covers some basics for future filmmakers, giving insight into every aspect of your project - from the shoot, to the marketing.

Brighton Film School

Are you more interested in the writing aspect of filmmaking? Then head down to Brighton Film School, a very well respected provider of filmmaking courses in the UK, who offer a course titled "How to write a Screenplay - introduction short course". This is a wonderful 8-Week adventure into writing a screenplay that offers students essential skills in writing a story for film. As film critics, we see so many movies made by filmmakers in the UK, and the ones with serious screenplay chops are the ones who make the better films.

This is a useful course for people holding down 9 to 5's, as it's once a week in the evening and also has several start dates throughout the year.

The cost is currently £190.


Not able to physically attend a course? Perhaps you live the far reaches of rural England or are on an isolated island in Scotland so commuting would be a hardship. Well look no further.

The National Film and Theatre School (NFTS) and the British Film Institute (BFI) offer an amazing online filmmaking course taught by award-winning filmmakers. Giving students access to amazing behind-the-scenes information, the course is told using the experiences of the actually film industry figures. Many topics are covered over a 6-Week period.

Current this course £FREE.

To find out more about these particular courses, simply Google the course name and the institution. Stay tuned for more by visiting our filmmaking courses page.


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