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The 2022 UK Film Review Festival Lineup Announced

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Film Festival Feature by Chris Olson

When I decided to launch the film festival back in 2020, the world had never seemed stranger to me. A pandemic was hitting hard, life was being turned outside in, and the future suddenly seemed to feel a lot more blurry.

The UK Film Review Festival (UKFRF) felt like a way to stay connected to the critics of the site and the filmmakers who form our active community, whilst shielding ourselves from uncertainty by holding the event online and in our control.

Two years later and normality has resumed but the world seems stranger still. A new world order is in effect and life steel feels uncertain and to be frank, scary. That's why I am so thrilled and honoured to be hosting the 3rd UK Film Review Festival with our biggest lineup so far! Not only does it still help us to feel connected by our shared love of independent film, it also helps us to know that hard work and passion will often get us through the tough times - which may come unyieldingly.

It gives me great pleasure to announce the 2022 UK Film Review Festival Lineup:

Best Comedy

Boomslang 2: The Dinner

The Show

Wicked Plans

Moving Parts

Pandemic Spy

Rise of Fizzy Pop

Best Crime/Thriller

Coast Road

The Saint

The Night Out

Sometime Else

Best Drama

Another Day

Railroad to Hell: A Chinaman's Chance


Green Lanes

The Letters

For I Am Dead

Community Service

Plant Life


Sometime Else


Pronouns in Bio

Swimming With You

For I Am Dead

Best Horror


File Not Found

Zombie Beach

Best Documentary

A Manchester Story

The World Cruzer

Ukraine War, In the eyes of refugees

Best Feature



What You Can't Promise

Where The Merrows Roam

The Letters

Best Short Film

For I Am Dead

A Moral Man


Brother Troll


Chapel of Rest

Fat Boy

Finding Wilson


Holestepper (Pisahueco)



Jumpers for Goalposts



Making Beethoven Proud

Man to Man

Mein Mehmood

Old Windows

One for the Ditch

Painting By Numbers


Powdered Dandelions



Queen of Diamonds

The Find

The Girl and the Tide

The Quiet

Throw Your Heart Over First


True Colours

The Night Out

Community Service

Plant Life


Sometime Else

The festival takes place RIGHT HERE on the UK Film Review website on November 12 and 13.

Passes for the festival can be purchased here.

If you are looking for a PRESS Pass find out more here.

Head over to our Dailymotion channel now to watch the trailers for the lineup.


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