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Teaser - short film

Review by Amaliah Sara Marmon-Halm

Highly abstract, visually stunning and very emotive, Teaser by Adam Jones takes the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions in this intense look into the struggles, highs and lows of the drug culture within the LGBT community in this 8 minute short.

The film follows the trials of a young man and his journey of drug-induced self-destruction. What adds a beautiful dose of reality to this film is the fact that it is apparently inspired by the experiences of the director and his place in the gay scene. He himself took a very dark path which led him on a 9 month meth binge. The torment and sense of abuse really grips the viewer and doesn't let go, resulting in a very emotional viewing experience.

This films wants to steer the audience from the typical shiny, bright and fabulous notions that are usually portrayed about the LGBT community, and instead, show that, like all communities, there is a darker underbelly full of torment and abuse. Using montages, stock footage and beautiful cinematography, the film makes many transitions from light and dark, symbolising the good and bad "trips" the drugs take the young man on.

The beginning of the film highlights the highs, the sense of euphoria and ecstasy that he initially feels. With light tones and airy footage, you might think that this sets the tone for the whole film. Towards the middle, things start to get a bit more edgy and rough, as the young man starts to fight with possible addiction and dependency. The end sets a more macabre tone, maybe suggesting that the pain and toll of the addiction was leading to him contemplating thoughts of death or suicide. The film's final scene centres around the image of a book called Narcotics Anonymous (NA). This gives the notion that there is a sense of rediscovery, recovery and the man's desire to survive.

Overall, this film is touching and beautifully made. It's gives a real insight into the depths that drugs and addiction can take a person, and the strength it takes to make it to the other side.


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