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Over - short film review

Directed by Jörn Threlfall

Short film review by Amaliah S. Marmon-Halm

Set over 9 wide shots and detailing an unfortunate sequence of event in reverse, Over is a thrilling short film by Jörn Threlfall that will leave viewers questioning their own sense of judgement, perception and, at times, wondering whether their moral compass is in need of fine tuning. In order to avoid SPOILERS UK Film Review will be delicately avoiding many of the key plot points.

The film opens up to a quiet, sleepy residential road; it’s early morning and a couple are returning from what seems like a night out. The woman sees a bunch of flowers and a note on the kerb opposite her house. We are led to believe a serious incident has occurred. Going back further, we cut to a street cleaner washing away what appears to be blood from the road. The next few shots involve a man lying dead on the road, the police turning up to cordon off the area and a man’s car being towed away. Surrounded these moving scenes is an element of mystery and tragedy which will utterly absorb the audience.

What we don’t know at this point is the man’s origin, how he got there, whether he was a thief or just a defenceless victim. This sense of confusion is bolstered when the list of the victim’s personal items is shown intermittently throughout the film.

The style of the filming, and the superb script is incredibly clever, especially after watching the film as a whole. The twist/reveal really jumps out at you, even if you know what’s coming and after watching this, audiences will be left feeling incredibly shocked and, depending on your political stance, quiet moved.

This is surely a short film to leave you feeling a little solemn, it is affecting filmmaking with a huge amount of pathos. A relatable tale of struggle and quite apt considering all that’s occurring now.

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