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One Voice One Mic short film review


Directed by: #BenGummery


One Voice One Mic poster
One Voice One Mic poster

The short #documentary One Voice, One Mic, from director Ben Gummery takes a lively look at the rise of podcasts in the United Kingdom.

Gummery’s film lasts for 18 minutes and it works well in conveying how the boost of podcasting came about and how it became a society of its own. Having an outside perspective of it, the thing that was most interesting to see and that I think the documentary worked well in transmitting is this feeling of community between the podcasters.

Often times when there’s a specific community, the members of it are wary to let someone into their club afraid that the arrival of newcomers might threaten the status quo. Here, in One Voice, One Mic we get the exact opposite feeling – the podcasters themselves urge people to start their own podcasts and engage in the podcasting universe.

Much like the media explored here, the #shortfilm is simplistic and it relies on archive clips, promotional videos and interviews conducted by Gummery and Michelle Sewell. The movie works smoothly because, as I mentioned before, it feels like a conversation between friends, and as viewers we become part of their group. It is inviting and we can definitely it was made with passion.

As part of the audience who has always been out of the podcast world I can say that watching One Voice, One Mic it has ignited my desire to jump into it and start listening.



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