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Moschino Music Video Review


Directed by: WillVisions

Written by: Harun Rune

Starring: Harun Rune

Music Video Review by: Chris Olson

Moschino Music Video Review
Moschino Music Video Review

Blending a passion for fashion with contemporary hip-hop, London-based musical artist Harun Rune and filmmaker WillVisions deliver a compelling and “on-brand” music video for the track Moschino.

The filmmaking utilises engaging editing to create a sense of rapid urgency to the lyrics whilst the more laid back framing of Rune and his crew adds a nice balance to the piece. There are also quite a few nice recurring touches, such as a superimposed peace sign appearing, that make the music video feel like it has been crafted and branded by the pair who want the audience to get a lot of his flavour in a short space of time.

One of the most interesting sequences shows animated birds flying across the scene. This was a really peculiar touch and, dare I say it, added a little mystery to the film. Couple this with the slightly eerie effect of the backing music in the song, and there are some darker elements here. It would have been great to see this expanded upon, however, it is likely that Rune has bigger plans for his brand (judging by his social output) so viewers will have to just wait and see if the birds are part of a larger idea or just a flourish within Moschino.

What’s great about the music video is that Rune and WillVisions focus on basic elements and ingredients. It would have been easy to have filled the screen with copious amounts of baggage but what we get with Moschino are the purest aspects of Rune’s creativity. Simple but effective shots of clothes rails, champagne, and the man himself effortlessly flow with the track doing all the heavy lifting. It’s a smart way to appear elegant when the results of a hip-hop/fashion melting pot could easily have turned garish and outlandish. The filmmakers eschew this for an altogether more captivating viewing experience that does the job of a music video - which is to get the audience to want to listen to the music.

It will be interesting to see where WillVisions’ filmmaking goes next. His use of white space was a clever way of tying in an urban track with some of the best fashion brands that use simplicity and elegance in their own marketing and branding, and Rune as a musical artist certainly shows a lot of class and individual style - more than enough to mark him as one to watch on the London music scene.




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