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Lucinda’s Spell film review

Updated: Oct 28, 2020


Written and Directed by: #JonJacobs

Film review by: Brian Penn

Lucinda’s Spell film review
Lucinda’s Spell film review

With Halloween fast approaching on 31st October, what better way to mark the event than this spicy tale of witches and wizards set in modern-day New Orleans? Our story begins on the eve of Beltane as Jason (Jon Jacobs), the present descendant of the great Druid Merlin must find a woman, pure and magical enough to conceive a child to carry on an ancient and powerful bloodline.

Beltane is the Gaelic May Day festival celebrating the coming of summer and fertility. Merlin is the beardy guy of Arthurian legend (but you already knew that right?...ok just checking). Jason has returned to earth for the purpose of procreation, but his quest hits the rocks when he meets old flame Lucinda (Christina Fulton), a miscreant witch who has drifted into the sex trade. It also seems they have a son languishing in the local orphanage. With the right spell, Lucinda has Jason in her sights but faces competition from coven high priestess Beatrice (Shannah Bettz).

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Jon Jacobs weaves a delicious mix of Hammer Horror pastiche with a truly brilliant blues soundtrack. There's a parrot called Gideon who gives as good as he gets and a coven endlessly bickering about Lucinda's merit as a witch. Amongst the mirth and dark symbolism lurks a half-serious tale of a mother trying to win back custody of her son; but ultimately slipping back into bad habits. The director’s cut gives it the look of a B-movie but only adds to the overall appeal. From the 1960s styled opening titles to the mystical, shimmering finale it positively drips with style and attitude. There’s a vacant cult classic slot waiting for this film – great fun!


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