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Inside Film Review


Directed by: #MichaelCostello


This short film is extremely relevant to the issues we are currently facing today. Inside follows a loner who refuses to face the outside world and shies away from his responsibilities, afraid to overcome his deepest fears. A very relatable narrative, as the main character is trapped inside and isolated. Distressingly similar to the pandemic many of us have struggled with, making it that much easier to connect to the character and understand the hardship seclusion can inflict.

This short film opens with the main character Dermot alone in his house, the audience get to see a snippet into the characters life. Dermot lives in complete chaos with dirty dishes, rubbish and old food left around the house, a stressful environment which clearly reflects his present mind frame. Separated from his wife and alone, Dermot has nothing stimulating in his world apart from the delivery boy who brings his shopping. Inside shows the suffering Dermot has endured daily by becoming this recluse. His mother, an elderly and ill woman, visits him often and the stress of watching her son fall down this dark hole has only caused her misery and made it a difficult watch for the audience as well. The viewer experiences anger and frustration towards Dermot, urging him to step outside his front door but instead we are met with just tragedy and shown the demise of Dermot’s Mother. This was a key turning point within the film and only made Dermot’s life worse, if it wasn’t already.

Not only was this a crucial turning point in the storyline but this also caused a downward spiral for the character himself. His ex-wife makes it clear that she no longer wants to visit him and be a part of his life. His inability to face reality and the depressing state of his home was enough to turn anyone away. His only friend throughout this troubling time was Gerald, a brutish character who drinks heavily and makes sleazy comments about his ex-wife Catherine. It was loneliness which forced him to keep up the ‘friendship’ in order to have some form of connection to the outside world. Inside was emotional and full of sadness, as we watch Dermot ‘s relationships with his loved ones and friends around him slowly fade away. He is left in a deeper pit of isolation with no one to reach out to and just the source of alcohol to wash away the despair.

However, when his so called ‘friend’ attacks his ex-wife his fears are forced to take a back seat and he is pushed to face his anxieties and the outdoors. A dramatic ending which really excited the storyline as well as make for a satisfying finale. This was a great short film with well-developed characters and an engaging story, highly recommended.


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