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First Look Trailer for Mothers of The Revolution

Film Feature by Chris Olson

Filmmaker Briar March has a strong history of documentary filmmaking, with 7 of their 8 directing credits being for documentaries. And now, in conjunction with Universal, March will be launching a piece to mark the 40th anniversary of the Greenham Common Women's March and Peace Camp, with the upcoming documentary Mothers of the Revolution - which will be coming to UK cinemas soon.

First Look Trailer for Mothers of The Revolution
First Look Trailer for Mothers of The Revolution

On 5th September 1981 a group of women came together to change the world. These women marched from Wales to Berkshire to protest over nuclear weapons being kept at RAF Greenham Common. The Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp that followed, challenged world leaders, altering the course of history and went on to inspire millions as the world’s first and biggest female-only demonstration, preceded only by the suffragettes.

MOTHERS OF THE REVOLUTION, a feature-length documentary that tells the story of the extraordinary women behind the Greenham Common Peace Camp heads to the UK this Autumn.

Narrated by Glenda Jackson and featuring interviews with key participants including Julie Christie and Rebecca Johnson, alongside archive footage from the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, Mothers of the Revolution takes you through of one of the longest protests in history, when between 1981 and 2000, thousands of women from around the world came together at Greenham Common to take a committed stand against nuclear proliferation.

Forty years ago, these everyday human beings began with that first step on their march to Greenham Common and became the heroes of a movement that changed the world.

Directed by Briar March (Coffin Club, There Once Was An Island) and produced by prolific filmmaker Matthew Metcalfe (The Dead Lands, McLaren) and Leela Menon (Born Racer, Wayne).

Watch the Mothers of the Revolution film trailer:


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