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Written & Directed by Andrew Dawson

Indie film review by Monica Jowett

A different take on the romantic comedy drama is quite refreshing in this feature length film about love. Fingerface, written and directed by Andrew Dawson uses just his own fingers and some brilliant hand drawn backdrops to create this low-budget masterpiece.

Described as the greatest love story ever told, by fingers, Fingerface is the story of Giles. He has just lost his job so gets very drunk and meets a girl, who happens to be the girl of his dreams. However, Giles finds out that it is difficult to try to impress Stephanie, the apparent girl of his dreams and in doing so Giles travels the world, leaves behind his friends and gives up on his other dreams. But after all of the ways he tries to impress this girl, is she even worth it?

Though Fingerface looks like an indie film someone has made on a whim, it really works, as the brilliant script takes the audience on a ride full of laughs. Each scene runs smoothly, and though there is a bizarre amount of twists and odd occurrences that wouldn’t usually happen in a romantic comedy – but then again this is a film using fingers as actors – the story flows. Each scene is carefully played out, with the characters being well thought out and the colourful backdrops give a great sense of setting. The lack of a shaky camera gives proof this is a professional at work.

Due to a lack of expression from the drawn on faces, the emotion is brought out through the inflection and delivery of the voices. All the sound effects are done by the voices, even effects like a door buzzer or animal sounds from a jungle, which is much more subtle. The musical score, with some catchy songs featuring throughout, comes from Giles himself playing a (paper) guitar.

An inventive, unusual take on a film that shows big budgets and special effects are not always needed to produce a heart-warming cheerful romantic comedy, especially when you have a flair for comedy and, crucially, are good at drawing finger faces. With a great imagination Andrew Dawson has crafted an engaging film that is immense fun to watch.

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